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            weCreate provides exceptional website designs, SEO and marketing.

            Our success is built on the the success of our clients. We build your success though building an understanding of your business, designing your website for aesthetics and user experience, then optimizing your site for SEO. Based in Erie, Pa, we also have a presence in Pittsburgh, Pa, and Sarasota, Fl, and serve customers around the country. We go beyond making functional websites, and develop next-level, eye-catching designs that will grow, and impress your audience.

            our team specializes in:

            • website design
            • full featured hosting
            • domain names
            • seo
            • social media
            • brand development
            website examples

            why choose us?

            Our team is unmatched in our ability to provide websites that create business opportunities and look amazing at the same time. Each website is designed in detail by our graphic design team before development, so that your site is unique and fits your brand.? We also use various marketing channels to increase traffic, improve search engine rankings, and engage your target audience.? To gain some insight into our knowledge, check out our blog. In short, our clients love us because we care, and we produce results.

            a PA website design company that grows businesses nationwide

            manufacturing websites

            Rely on us to create a captivating website or ecommerce manufacturing website design that’s easy to navigate and functions at the highest level for best customer usability. With the competitive manufacturing environment, we know that internally maintaining a website or building your search engine ranking can be impossible. Who has time to keep up with the latest marketing trends when a 50,000-part order just came in? Thankfully, with our extensive experience working with manufacturing website design and SEO clients, we can maintain a large website as if it’s a new, freshly oiled machine. Check out the latest on our blog about sourcing the best website design company for manufacturers.

            education websites

            Before possible new students and their parents make time to visit a school campus, typically a visit to your school website is their first stop. Our innovative and cohesive education website designs uphold your schools principles and aim to expand the minds of prospective students to the grand possibilities ahead of them. A website– especially one in the educational industry– needs to be inspiring, and looking up-to-date is important because education changes every day. After all, the world is no longer the flat piece of paper people once thought; your website shouldn’t be flat either.

            medical websites

            Many of our clients who are medical professionals have told us stories about working with previous website design companies who have said they specialize in their medical industry, but ended up reusing old website templates, personalizing only pictures, colors and fonts. weCreate knows your business is one of a kind, and we want to fully recognize your quality services in a new, fresh way. We develop a medical website design unique to your company with highly effective social media and search engine optimization campaigns. After all, you keep us alive- the least we can do is help your business do the same. weCreate provides inspiring medical websites for chiropractors, medical offices, laser eye surgery centers, and more.

            Ready for a better experience in website design, SEO, and Digital Marketing?

            receive instant access to this valuable ebook

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            website design

            user friendly

            After listening to your ideas and concerns, we develop easy-to-navigate designs that meet all the needs of your industry. Our unique website creations flow in such a way that viewers are led to read more – and want to keep reading.

            increased search engine visibility

            At weCreate, we know the importance of getting you seen– first. Using top-notch SEO strategy and tracking systems, we are able to follow your rank on all popular search engines and determine what keywords and phrases speak to your customers.

            fully responsive attractive designs

            Driving qualified traffic to your site means creating designs that are easily viewable on multiple devices. Whether your customer prefers to work on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer, our designs impress and strengthen viewer engagement.

            search engine optimization

            an seo marketing strategy that gets you seen

            SEO is of optimal importance in this digital age. Gone are the days the majority of traffic walks through the door, or calls to order over the phone. Researching and comparing businesses online to determine which product or service is more valuable has become the standard when making educated shopping decisions. And if you’re looking to connect to the global market, it’s even more valuable to get a website, get it seen–and get it seen first in search engine rankings.

            digital marketing & social media

            analytics and ab testing

            Expand and perfect your online visibility with our credible reputation monitoring and digital marketing assistance. We provide content creation services for e-mail marketing and newsletters, blogs, social media ad campaigns, and any other digital public relations material. We help turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors by creating content they can’t NOT share.

            Using A/B testing, we narrow in on the exact audience your brand needs to grow and monitor the leads as they build. Our customized digital public relations strategy (in which we analyze incoming data and adjust details) assists you in exceeding the digital marketing goals you were hoping to achieve.? Our digital marketing services include Geofencing, Google Paid Search, SEO, digital marketing consulting, and more.

            brand development & strategy


            Our comprehensive photography services provide consistent imagery that establishes a strong brand identity for your business. Use the photographs in social media ads, to bring together a website, or just to have on hand for future marketing projects. We offer product, interior and exterior, portrait, group and event photography to cover all your business needs.


            Our team at weCreate is full of storytellers, ready to create your video and share it to the world through social media ad campaigns, email marketing and on websites. Whether it’s a promotional video or company introduction– we’ve got you covered. Video is one of the most effective forms of communication to immediately build trust for your brand, and it gets seen– and often!

            marketing material design

            Looking for beautifully executed design that just “gets” your business? As trained branding professionals, we see the it-factor your business possesses and create effective branding strategies that capture that flare. We create business cards, mailers, and other marketing collateral that expresses what sets your business apart from the rest.

            Erie, Pa Website Design Company, Nationwide Leader

            Not only do we serve our local community and neighbors in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Toronto, we are proud to serve clients nationwide and globally as well. We have worked for clients who reside in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean. The weCreate team is available to you, no matter the location.

            map of erie

            meet a few of our happy clients

            We love our clients (and they love us right back).

            Linda Breakiron: Breakiron Jewelers

            “After interviewing several companies in and outside of our area, to design our new website, we knew immediately that weCreate was a perfect fit for us. Brian, Nate, and Zach listened intently to our vision and hopes for our new site. As a team, they developed a modern, logical, and stunning site that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, which is crucial in our very visual and relational environment. We gave them some challenges along the way and every turn was met with patience and professionalism.

            Jack Rapture: Out of the Grey Coffee

            “weCreate has been AWESOME!!! They have elevated my eCommerce capabilities and have been incredibly easy to work with, through all the website enhancements. They have even come to meetings with new ideas on how to accomplish my goals. Very capable and knowledgeable about the space that they work in. Very happy with my decision to work with them!

            Brandon Allen: USA Rope/Big Dog Leash

            “I’ve used the weCreate team for my rope manufacturing company website and a second business that sells dog leashes and dog collars. I love working with everyone there, they are helpful, insightful and really great at what they do.

            Lisa Graff: Laser Eye Surgery of Erie

            “As the marketing coordinator at Laser Eye Surgery of Erie, I wanted a local company to build our new medical website. From the initial meeting to the site launch, we were impressed with the WeCreate team’s attention to detail and their communication. Now, we are excited to see how they can help us with social media. We highly recommend this company!

            Jake Pursell: PAHydrographics

            “I own PAHydrographics. We are a local company that came to the weCreate staff under a year ago. These guys completely designed us a new manufacturing website that looks amazing and works flawless. The best part of all is Nate with his SEO work! Not sure what he’s doing or who he knows but we are getting huge results!!!! Best around hands down

            Dawn Zachary: MedEx Billing, Inc.

            “As the Sales Executive of a company in LeRoy NY we were looking for a marketing company that could not only help us in marketing but bring new ideas to us and that is exactly what weCreate did that and more. My company is thrilled with what they have created for us so far and look forward to more as we all work on launching our new website and marketing material. The detail and research they have done and the fact they work as a team and with us has made a difference. I would recommend this company to any business that wants to grow and have the best marketing possible!!!

            John Gallagher: Wedding & Event DJ

            “I recently utilized the services of Nate, Brian, Zach and the staff of weCreate to redesign my DJ website from the ground up. I needed a fresh, engaging look designed to keep visitors longer and keep all my information in front of them no matter where they clicked on my site. The staff of weCreate answered all my questions in a very timely manner, as I was anxious to have a team of designers available to keep me ahead of the pack. I was overwhelmed at how wonderful and trendy the design was. I love it!

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